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About Vehicle Distribution Business

Dar Alhai started its vehicle business unit with a clear vision of providing high quality vehicles with unique specifications that are very much aimed to satisfy specific market needs. Established in the 1990s, the business subsidiary started its operations in Iraq, and with strategic planning we were able to achieve diversification in our product portfolio as well as expanding our geographic reach, eventually covering the MENA region, Asia and Europe.

In addition to providing vehicles to markets and end users, Dar Alhai had also participated and won multiple government tenders in different countries. Ultimately, this allowed the subsidiary to achieve a turnover exceeding 1.8 Billion USD in 2018.

In our operations we abide by all international trade laws set by the World Trade Organization.

Placing Our Customers First

At Dar Alhai we have always built our values by placing our customers first. As a result, Dar Alhai currently offers a wide variety of vehicles ranging from sedan and 4WD passenger vehicles up to commercial trucks. Moreover, the vehicle business unit offers after sales services in tandem with the aforementioned vehicles to provide you with a better experience.

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