We at Dar Alhai always keep in mind the long term business continuity and growth when taking any and every decision. Increasing the size of our organization, expanding the geographical coverage of our operations and raising the level of our social contributions is always a priority get priority over short term financial gains.

I believe goals that may appear impossible to many can be achieved with qualified and intelligent staff, careful planning and confident leadership. None of us know their true potential unless they take risks, challenges and ventures out of their comfort zone. From this perspective, my message to all of our employees “if you don’t try you won’t know whether you can or not.”
An ancient Chinese proverb states that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and I believe this is the step that my father took in 1950 when he started his machinery trading business. Today, I’m proud that Dar Alhai is continuing the same aspiration, determination and confidence that my father, Mr. Hussein Odeh had, but at a wider and international scale. Today, Dar Alhai has accomplished outstanding achievements and expanded its regional operations into various countries, but we are still at the beginning of our journey towards achieving our ultimate goals. I invite Dar Alhai executives and managers to keep expanding and diversifying Dar Alhai business operations into new domains to continue copying and duplicating our successes, in order to build an international organization that challenges the norms and improves the quality of life of our societies.

Mustafa Odeh

CEO and Chairman of the Board