The business, financial and operational activities at Dar Alhai group can be classified into three main categories

Worldwide Value-Added Distribution

We at Dar Alhai have mastered the art of wholesale distribution at a global scale. As we expand our operations, we pay attention to the details of local business cultures in each and every territory we expand our operations to. Our wholesale distribution expertise coupled with our strong financial capabilities had made us one of the most successful distributors of various products. Today, we have several subsidiaries running large-scale distribution activities for heavy machinery, passenger vehicles, spare parts and ICT systems. Our strategic planning and business development teams are looking forward to adding additional products to our distribution portfolio.

Long-Term Investments in Advanced Technologies

Dar Alhai investment committee continuously evaluates and engages in long-term investments in well-established high-tech companies. Dar Alhai ten-year diversification plan that was approved by the board in early 2016 includes a plan for investing a total of USD 50 million in breakthrough technologies. The investment committee has already initiated evaluation, studies and negotiations for opportunities in the verticals of Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Funding Entrepreneurships

Dar Alhai investment committee has sponsored several young entrepreneurs over the recent years. In 2017 Dar Alhai has allocated a private investment fund of USD 10 million for the strategic objective of investing in and funding new startup businesses in various industries. The investment committee welcomes proposals from entrepreneurs who meet the following basic criteria:

  • The startup must be already incorporated and has a ready and complete business plan
  • The founders should be individuals
  • The startup company should be older than one year since its incorporation