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Heavy Machinery Sitting at Idle Can Be Very Expensive

Not all jobs are similar in nature. Some jobs require intermittent operation while others can be overdemanding. Renting can be a great choice if the nature of your work does not help in owning an equipment. It also provides you with fleet size flexibility, whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your fleet size. Dar Alhai heavy machinery is always ready with its large range of the latest and well-maintained construction machinery models to fulfil your requirements.

Why Rent Heavy Machinery ?

Purchasing new construction machinery could be an expensive option especially if the machinery are of high quality. We understand that a long term investment is tied with such purchase of heavy machinery, hence dragging you into future expenses on Genuine Spare Parts and maintenance fees. The return on investment is high in the long run, however the rental option is most suitable for those who need such machinery for a short term.

Focus on Your Goals and We Will Spare You The Headache

Fleet preparation and transportation, keeping an eye on your construction equipment and periodic maintenance can be a very cumbersome process. Unplanned downtime can be stressful. Why trouble yourself with such difficulties?

With Dar Alhai heavy machinery rental programs, you can leave such tasks on us and we will do everything in our power to guarantee you the peace of mind.

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