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Maintenance Services
At Dar Alhai, we believe that our services should act as a vehicle to drive and maximize the productivity of our customers’ projects. Therefore, a well-devised preventive maintenance program is crucial to certify that your machinery is always running at peak performance. We offer our customers peace of mind by providing them with additional packages on their machinery purchase. These include an extended warranty program or an annual service contract, tailored to meet their needs and also to adhere to Komatsu’s standards.
KOMTRAX™ is Komatsu’s advanced real-time machine monitoring system that is installed on most Komatsu Tier-3 construction machines and on subsequent models. KOMTRAX™ allows you to manage and control your entire range of Komatsu fleet remotely, empowering your management team to make strategic business decisions regarding operations. Data gathered from your machinery can be accessed from any device connected to the internet whether it is a personal computer or even a smartphone via an application.
Genuine Spare Parts
Dar Alhai offers a large inventory of genuine Komatsu spare parts, covered by Komatsu’s standard warranty to support and prolong the service life of your Komatsu machinery. Our local and regional warehouse network guarantees over 90% spare parts availability within 24 hours. Therefore, we ensure you that your machinery will no longer face unplanned downtime.
On-Site Support
Dar Alhai is committed to help you maintain your machinery to achieve exceptional outcomes. We perceive on-site support as a vital aspect to minimize overall downtime and maintenance cost. On-site support will be conducted through certified, accomplished and insightful teams that are readily available to tackle your issues.

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