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Hydraulic Excavators

Komatsu hydraulic excavators are recognized for their outstanding performance, reliability, quality and endurance. The excavators are integrated with a semi-automated control allowing straight to grade digging and increased efficiency in slope work and trenching. An ergonomic cabin design is provided in all Komatsu machinery, ensuring operators’ well-being during their entire work hours.

Wheel Loaders

Komatsu wheel loaders provide unrivaled performance with their next generation engines. The new tier 4 engine ensures that more material is moved with less fuel, allowing such wheel loaders to handle overdemanding job sites. Operator’s comfort is always a priority as it will be reflected in their efficiency and overall productivity. An automated digging system is also included in certain models to help reduce operator fatigue and optimize bucket load.


Increased productivity means higher profit. Komatsu’s industry-leading dozers are equipped with an intelligent machine control which optimizes machine performance to meet specific applications ranging from rough dozing to finish grading operations. A single giant ripper or a multi-shank ripper are available as attachment options. In terms of durability, the dozers are extraordinary tough and are equipped with large capacity blades, thus yielding outstanding productivity.

Motor Graders

Grader operation generally requires the most skilled and experienced operator. In light of this, Komatsu has been working on advancing the capabilities of its motor graders to assist and promote the productivity of any operator. Komatsu motor graders have a long wheel base that is equipped with a long blade resulting in a faster grading process. They are also the perfect fit for any job site due to their accuracy, maneuverability and versatility.

Parts and Attachments

Some jobsite applications require different tools and attachments. You can now expand your machinery’s functions to get the most out of your equipment. At Dar Alhai, a wide variety of attachment tools are available to suit specific applications ranging from light duty to extra heavy-duty applications, civil engineering, demolition, industrial waste management and utility construction. Discover More

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